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Automate Delivery Of Your e-Books With Outlook Express

If you are selling e-books on eBay, or anywhere else, this is for YOU!
Give your customers the service they deserve.
When they pay, they don't want to wait until you come in from work, or wake up in the morning to send them the e-book they ordered at 2am.
Auto E-book explains exactly how to set up Outlook Express to send out your e-books to the buyer as soon as they pay you with PayPal
24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Resell Rights Are Included!



Why spend hours every evening sat at your computer emailing off E-books to your customers when all you have to do is list your items and count the cash rolling in.

Think of it this way you could be spending time with the family, Down the Gym or Down the Pub ! And while you're there your computers making like a little cash machine, running your E-book business for you !!!!

This E-book contains all the information you need to set up business Online with loads of good eBay Tips plus all the info you need to automate your E-book sales with Outlook Express.


Price only $2.87



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