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Make Your Earn Books Earn Their Keep!
Make Them `Live'


More and more people are writing their own eBooks nowadays. However, the question of which format to use to produce your eBook is a common one.



Many people choose PDF format. PDF looks great and some would say it offers the opportunity to reach a greater audience as MAC users can view this format when they cannot easily view eBooks in .exe format (executable file). On the other hand, although affiliate links can be placed in your PDF books, one cannot earn money from Google Adsense clicks and ad banners as one can with a `live ' .exe eBook. PDF eBooks can also be viewed `off-line' (you do not need to connect to the internet to view the eBook).

A `live' eBook means that you can upload the pages of your eBook to your webspace. Readers can only view the eBook if they are `online' (logged on to the internet). Another advantage of a `live' eBook is that you can make amendments and up-dates as appropriate quickly and easily, keeping your readers up-to-date and supplied with fresh ads and content. You will not have to find every single customer that bought your eBook and send them a revised version. Your customers can read your eBooks time and time again and they will always be up-to-date with latest information and with Google Ads updating every day and offers from the companies that you advertise with constantly changing, you will ensure that your customers love reading your eBooks as it's always evolving. However, your customers will not just be viewing a website...... they will view your eBook through an eBook browser, the same way that you are viewing this eBook, so it will look like an eBook and not a website!

This eBook will show you step-by-step and with illustrations how to produce your eBook in .exe format and make it `live' so that every time someone views your eBook, they will be able to click on the Google Adsense ads and other ads that you may wish to place within your eBook and you will not only earn money for the sale of your eBook but from Google and your other ads.

    Make Your Earn Books Earn Their Keep


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